Supers On Screen 007 – Ultimate Avengers (2006)

Earth's Whiniest Heroes. (Lionsgate)

Earth’s Whiniest Heroes. (Lionsgate)

This week on Supers On Screen, the superhero movie podcast, host Dylan Roth (@DylanRoth) is joined by artist & comedian Tracie Mauk (@Maukingbird) and comics writer Andrew Ihla (@AndrewIhla) to talk about Marvel’s first foray into direct-to-video animated features, Ultimate Avengers, based on Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch’s The Ultimates. The gang has some good laughs discussing the inner ugliness of all the main characters, but how they’re all light-years more likeable than their comic book counterparts, and how differently this movie feels from Marvel Studios’ The Avengers only a few years later. Plus, picking on Mark Millar’s nasty attitude, bad Russian accents, getting deep into animation nerdery, and more!

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