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There are a lot of haters out there. As well there should be. Some things just suck. There are dozens of shitty comics, movies, video games and books, and just HUNDREDS of hours of shitty TV released every month, and it’s your right as a sentient being to hate all over it. One of the greatest gifts the Internet has given us is the ability to congregate around the shit we hate and release that hate into the world for all to see.

That being said, is not gonna do that. There are tons of places to read about how much people hate something. This is gonna be the other place.

Beginning today, and as regularly as possible, is going to provide you with our opinions on what media is worth your valuable time and hard-earned money. We’ll highlight the best in comics, music, movies, etc, celebrate the best of pop culture, giving equal attention to the mainstream and the independent. As for the lukewarm, uninspired or just plain offensively awful, we’re not going to waste your time.

That’s not to say every article is going to be “THIS IS AMAZING.” That’d be dreadfully boring. Even great work has flaws and we’re not going to ignore that – this is still a place for criticism. But main focus of Deadshirt will be to call attention to what works. It’s a place for appreciation and community-building.

For those of us running the site, anyway. The comments section – that’s all yours. You guys bring as much hate as you want, as long as it’s directed at the work in question and not toward each other.

Dissing things that suck is fun. And it’s healthy, in moderation. But will be your (hopefully) daily dose of positive energy, a gateway to cool entertainment you haven’t checked out yet, plus the home of some original content we hope you’ll enjoy, too. Tomorrow sees the launch of our first original web comic series, Destroyers From Earth, which will update every Tuesday and Thursday. We hope to add more original series in the future.

There’s plenty to get psyched about out there. So sit back and stay positive.

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