Preview: Image Comics’ Sex Criminals #5

Time jumps, dildo guns and rude defecations galore as Sex Criminals‘ first arc cums to a close this week with issue five. Will Jon and Suzie escape from their sex police captors? Can their relationship survive after a new shocking revelation comes to light? And what’s the deal with the mysterious Kegelface? Peep the cover and first six pages below!

From the official solicitation:

The best part of a new relationship is the first three weeks, right? The rush of the new, the gravitational pull of the sudden other-ness in your life, the almost-illicit charge of nothing else mattering…and then it’s time to pay the bills. Well, the honeymoon is over for the SEX CRIMINALS. Can Jon and Suzie survive Jon and Suzie?

sexcrim5-cov sexcriminals05-pg1 sexcriminals05-pg2 sexcriminals05-pg3 sexcriminals05-pg4 sexcriminals05-pg5 sexcriminals05-pg6

Sex Criminals #5 is for sale Wednesday, March 19th in print and on Comixology


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