Deadshirt Is Aging: A Look Back at our First Year


Today marks one year since we opened our proverbial doors here at Our first year has been an eventful one, as we expanded from a handful of friends to a team of nearly two dozen writers and editors across the United States, working to bring you fresh, thoughtful pop culture commentary five days a week. Our growth and development over the last twelve months have been dramatic, and we’re grateful to you, our readers, for inspiring and challenging us to hold ourselves to a high standard of originality, candor, and humor.

We have lofty goals and ambitions for Year Two, and we hope you’ll share the experience with us. Check back with us each weekday (and the occasional weekend) for new reviews and essays of pop culture and media. Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. We’ll be here to inform and entertain you. Thanks for your continued support.

Dylan Roth
Deadshirt Editor-In-Chief


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