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Deadshirt Is Listening… Bringing you a rundown of our staff and guest contributors’ favorite new tracks released in the past week after they’ve had the weekend to blast them in their cars, in a club, alone in their rooms, etc.

Julian Ames is late night dancing to…

“Giorgio’s Theme”
Giorgio Moroder

Since being featured in Daft Punk’s “Giorgio By Moroder” off the duo’s 2013 album Random Access Memories, we’ve seen a marked increase in appearances by the famed producer, composer and songwriter, Giorgio Moroder. He’s released a few remixes, including tracks by Haim and Coldplay, played several DJ sets, and now he’s released his first new piece of original music in 20 years with “Giorgio’s Theme.”

The song is an almost eight-minute instrumental dance track that is pretty representative of Moroder’s illustrious career. It starts out with an arpeggiated synth line, fitting since he popularized that back in the 70’s, then it brings in a disco beat, complete with the funky rhythm guitar. Eventually “Giorgio’s Theme” moves to an orchestral and piano break; the music is dark and brooding, similar to his work on movie soundtracks like Scarface. The track builds back up and combines all the elements for a thrilling climax, then with a drumroll and a piano chord stinger, the song ends. Much like “Giorgio By Moroder,” “Giorgio’s Theme” is a great summary of Moroder’s career and a good song to party to. Hopefully we’ll get more music in the future from this legend.

Lust For Youth

Prior to this album, Lust For Youth was a solo project by Swedish electronic musician Hannes Norrvide. The songs were typically lo-fi, dark and brooding, slightly out-there electronic tracks. But for the making of International, Lust For Youth’s third album in three years, Norrvide took on two other producers, making Lust For Youth officially a group. The result of this collaboration is a more polished sound and a greater sonic variety. Case in point: “Running,” the penultimate track on the album, is a lighter almost jovial sounding song, where Lust For Youth’s sound had once been almost exclusively dark. The light, playful, almost xylophone-y sounding synths, the airy female “ahhs,” and the dance beat, all make this a fairly enjoyable and different-sounding song for the group. Of course, there are still recognizable trademarks that Lust For Youth sticks to on this track, most notably the gothic lead vocals that are mixed into the background. This track is pretty representative of the new, or at least modified direction Lust For Youth is taking on International.

Dominic Griffin is lounging to…

“Hold Tight”
Mean Love

The first single from Sinkane’s (aka Ahmed Gallab) third solo effort, Mean Love, “Hold Tight” is a slinky thing of magnificence. Something of a departure of the Afrobeat, Science Fiction chill vibes of Mars, this new track burns slow, leaving a trail of smoldering, heart-tearing vapors in its wake. It’s hard not to namecheck Sade, the patron saint of slow song excellence, but there’s a glimmer, a small hint of old Michael McDonald here, like his Midwestern soul pressed and strung through a pasta cutter, cooked and boiled in the international waters of Sinkane’s multi-genre influences, then served on a platter with the music internet’s current obsession with indie-inflected R&B. I apologize for the hasty food metaphor, but it seemed preferable to the litany of sexual allusions this song will no doubt steer your mind toward, the smoky haze and tribal undulation of the bass line and Gallab’s own impassioned voice setting a mood that veers more in the direction of lustful yearning than anything else. Excited to see what other new permutations of sound his new LP brings.

Sam Paxton is power-popping and locking to…

“Brill Bruisers”
The New Pornographers
Brill Bruisers
Indie Rock/Power Pop

There are few things I get more hyped for than a new release from the New Pornographers. After relatively low-key turns on more recent records Together and Challengers, the first single in four years from the Canadian supergroup is a kick in the head, and I mean that in a good way. Announced last Tuesday, Brill Bruisers is a “celebration record,” as described by lead singer/songwriter A.C. Newman. If that’s the intent, they’re off to a good start with the lead single. The song at once slams into a major “ba-ba” hook, and all the important players are immediately noticeable: Newman’s wry vocal delivery, Neko Case and Kathryn Calder’s sunny backing vocals, John Collins’ crisp production, Kurt Dahle’s kinetic, heart-pounding drumming (NPs’ other key ingredient, Dan Bejar, will probably only appear on his own songs, as per usual).

The instant I pushed play, I was transported back to my summer evenings in between college semesters, driving too fast on back roads with the windows down, blasting Twin Cinema or Mass Romantic. There’s something primal there, an electrifying joy that keeps The New Pornographers’ brand of pop songcraft and melodic hooks vital and relevant, even in an ever-changing so-called “indie” landscape. Four years in the making, Brill Bruisers is the sound of old, dear friends returning once more. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the album brings.

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