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It’s Deadshirt’s second birthday! I can hardly believe it’s been two years since we launched this weird experiment in pop culture commentary. Since our last anniversary, we’ve expanded our staff, increased our output, and raised our standards. We’ve launched new recurring features, like our monthly Listen Here playlist, and columns like Kayleigh Hearn’s Ink Ladies and Dominic Griffin’s Dark Gable Presents. We’ve added a weekly TV review digest and a second weekly comics digest, and celebrated Purple Rain‘s 30th birthday. And we’ve got so much more in store for you, our loyal readers.

This year, we pledge to take our game up a notch, and we’d like your help to make it happen. Our goals this year include moving to a more reliable hosting server and launching a totally new, far superior website design, jumping back into the podcast game with both feet, creating new video content, hosting Sunday comics from up-and-coming creators, and publishing a semi-annual print ‘zine of essays. is free and always will be, but we’d like to provide a more professional, premium experience for our audience. If you value what we do, and you’d like to put a dollar amount on that value, please donate to our new Patreon campaign. We’ll reward you for it in creative ways that we’ve only just begun to roll out.

Whether you’re interested in donating or not, thank you for reading, and for your continued support of Enjoy Year Three!

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