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 Joe Stando is reading…

Web Warriors #11

Written by Mike Costa

Art by David Baldeon (pencils), Walden Wong, Scott Hanna, John Dell, Lorenzo Ruggiero, and Terry Pallot (inks), Matt Yackey, Andres Mossa, and Rachelle Rosenberg (colors)

Lettered by Joe Caramagna


“New recruits are looking sharp.”

Web Warriors is a book I enjoyed for a while, but it got lost in the shuffle of moving and budgeting. Still, when I saw that it was ending, I had to check out this final issue, and it didn’t disappoint.

The finale feels like the best parts of the series, and a great successor to the “Spider-Verse” event. We got all our favorite Spiders, the Electro army, a deranged Two-Face-style Harry Osborn, you name it. It hit the right emotional beats for this kind of story, from a heroic sacrifice by Uncle Ben to a Final Crisis-esque use of music and positivity to save the multiverse. It looked gorgeous, with a dazzling array of inkers giving Baldeon’s work a strong variety of heft and weight. I loved it.

The only odd spot, and it’s not even really a complaint, is that Peter Parker and Miles Morales are nowhere to be found. It’s strange that while the Spider-Man family of books has become a sprawling multiverse story, the core characters don’t really interact with the rest of the ensemble. Honestly, the multiversal Spider books are tied together much more by Spider-Gwen than anyone else. This isn’t a problem, per se, and it’s a nice way to spotlight a breakout new character. But it would be cool to see Bendis or Slott take a break now and then to incorporate some of these cool concepts.

But that brings me to my last point, that this isn’t the end. While this book may have wrapped up, the pieces are all still in place for future stories, and I hope they’re revisited soon. Long live the Spider-Verse, and long live the Web Warriors.

Kayleigh Hearn is reading…

Snotgirl #3

Written by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Art by Leslie Hung

Colors by Mickey Quinn

Letters by Mare Odomo


“I don’t know! It’s not like I read the comments!!’

Stock up on Zyrtec, because Snotgirl is back. Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung’s foray into the sexy, surprisingly dangerous world of fashion blogging continues to raise questions even as it slides back into a familiar rhythm. Lottie Person, in a perpetual state of anxiety about the possible accidental death of her new friend Caroline, goes to a party in the O.C. only to encounter the former intern who’s been pulling a Single White Female on her life. What follows is a series of calamitous confrontations, but the person Lottie should really watch out for is someone she hasn’t even met.

The first two issues of Snotgirl were deliciously unpredictable, like a candy-coated murder mystery. It’s a tad disappointing to see the third issue play out more like a conventional soap opera. Lottie coming to the party, only to find Cutegirl is wearing the same dress? Lottie meets a hot new guy, only to learn he’s her friend’s smarmy, cheating fiancé? Like a beloved dress with a frayed hem, these plot points are well-worn. Still, what’s refreshing about Snotgirl is its lack of condescension; though Lottie struggles with her sense of self, the script doesn’t sneer at its Millennial lead for loving fashion or constantly clutching her iPhone. But oh, speaking of soap operas–this is a comic where the hunky guys are named Sunny Day and Ashley von Frick, and reader, I live.

Leslie Hung continues her star-making turn as Snotgirl‘s artist, creating stunning fashion designs that are perfectly tailored for each character’s personality.I wish there was any way I could pull off Lottie’s amazing thigh-high boots, but that’s the magic of comic books. Mickey Quinn also shines as colorist, casting Lottie’s confrontation with Charlene in an ominous, blood-red light that seeps into the word balloons. And as if I couldn’t be more enchanted with the art–is that a Revolutionary Girl Utena homage I see?–Snotgirl #3 remains beautiful, even if the script risks banality.

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