The Purge: Anarchy [Review]

  Last year’s The Purge was one of the biggest unfulfilled promises in recent memory. “What if, for twelve hours, crime was legal?” is a premise you could tell new stories with for the rest of your life. Instead, we got a relatively by-the-numbers home invasion thriller, which could’ve just as easily hinged on “for…

A panel in “A Lady’s Hands Are Cold” sprawls across a two-page spread, with motion that utilizes the top-left to bottom-right momentum of reading.

Fragile Things, and the Wolf that Waits: Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods [Review]

“What if?” is key to this book of otherworldly terrors. The world of Through the Woods is of fairytale, of olden times when the dark was more unknown and more fearful, full of spirits and danger. Carroll’s characters go knowingly into danger, because they have no choice, or they find danger, incidentally, then have no power to ever escape it. By being smart and prepared they do not avoid their fate but delay it. Reason may allow you to live a life without fear, but by filling the darkness instead with terrors you acknowledge your mortality, and you prepare.

"Tanks for the memories."

Supers On Screen 010 – Iron Man (2008)

This week on Supers On Screen, host Dylan Roth (@DylanRoth) and guests Yen Nguyen (@YenIsSober) and Joe Stando (@joestando) take the podcast’s on its first journey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the movie that reshaped both the comics and film industries – Jon Favreau’s Iron Man. Topics include the new Marvel Method of filmmaking,…