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Deadshirt.net is a pop culture commentary site that focuses on the best in comics, music, movies, television, video games and more. Rather than copy and pasting press releases or cranking out clickbaity listicles, we’re committed to publishing thoughtful, meaty reviews and essays about new and old works of media. We want to introduce you to your next favorite thing, or show you an old standard in a new light. We want to embrace the joy of art and culture.

We publish reviews of new albums, movies, television shows, comic books and graphic novels, often through a personal lens. Our mantra is “Consider Everything;” we try to look at each piece we review with an open mind, biting back against the snobbery that often goes along with being an entertainment critic. There is no “Deadshirt Aesthetic,” and each of our writers has a unique voice and point of view, but our guiding star is an attitude of positivity toward pop culture.

In addition to reviews of new material, enjoy recurring features like Perfect Records, a series of personal essays about the albums that shaped our lives, or In This Very Ring, a bi-weekly column about the bastard art of professional wrestling that’s fun and thought-provoking even if you’ve never watched a single match. Discover your next online obsession in Webcomics Field Guide, or get a fresh perspective on a classic film in Mind The Gap. If you’re just looking for a laugh, consider The Trash Boys series, where two sickos from Astoria, Queens convert thrift shop finds or disgusting fast food into pop cultural comedic dialogues.

In addition, each week we compress the most discussion-worthy new works in music and comics in the review digests Deadshirt Is Listening and Deadshirt Is Reading, and beginning soon, Deadshirt Is Watching, which will focus on television.

For the weekends, we’ve begun a series of podcasts where our writers and guests discuss individual films in depth. In Supers On Screen, Deadshirt Editor-In-Chief Dylan Roth indulges in his passion for superhero films, and in our new addition Bond Girls, Editor Christina Harrington directs a critical fan’s eye at the James Bond 007 series.

If want to get involved with Deadshirt, submit material for review, or just say “hi,” shoot us an email at submissions@deadshirt.net!

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