Deadshirt- Dylan

Dylan Roth
Twitter: @DylanRoth
Founder, Editor Emeritus
Writer of comics, songs, and rants. Collector of talented friends. Aspiring target of your fanboy rage.


max_bioMax Robinson
Twitter: @DieRobinsonDie
Managing Editor
Second-rate Carl Kolchak, first-rate Trash Boy. His freelance pop culture writing can be found in The Comics Journal and Baltimore City Paper.


Deadshirt- Julian

Julian Ames
Twitter: @AutoAmes
Music Editor
Music enthusiast, maker, and soon-to-be Master (hopefully). Exiled from civilization for crimes against the realm.

Cameron DeOrdio
Contributing Writer and Copy Editor
A horror writer so dedicated to understanding existential terror he took out student loans for degrees in print journalism, English literature, and fiction writing. Somehow still alive — and buying comics.

Kayleigh Hearnkayleigh_bio
Comics Editor
Schlockmaster general still waiting for my Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters acceptance letter. Writer and Reviews Editor at


Joe Stando
Twitter: @joestando
TV Editor
Freelance writer and amateur stand-up comedian from definitely-a-real-place Kalamazoo, Michigan. He enjoys comics, TV, LEGOs, and sandwiches.


Dominic Griffin
Twitter: @captain_fuck
Staff Writer
Dominic’s loves include movies with Michael Caine, comics about people getting kicked in the face, Wham!’s greatest hits, and the amateur use of sleight of hand magic to grift strangers at train stations. His one true goal in life is to EGOT.



David Lebovitz
Twitter: @leboism
Staff Writer
Pronounced Lee-BO-its. Basically a Rick Moranis character without the glasses. Semi-imaginary late night talk show host. Better than a chef.



JenOverstreetJen Overstreet
Twitter: @streetoverjen
Contributing Writer and Artist
Illustrator, artist, & web designer; Maid, mother, & crone. You can find her comics, artwork, and other multifarious pursuits at




Sam Paxton
Twitter: @Slammy_P
Staff Writer
National man of mystery. Lead Singer/Teen Idol of indie-pop band Ghost Hotel. Pokémon Master in training. His life goal is to someday break 130 lbs.



Deadshirt- Pfeiff

Mike Pfeiffer
Twitter: @ModDelusion
Staff Writer
The last guy in the pews of the church of rock and roll, strains the seeds from Dylan’s mind grapes, listens to AC/DC while cooking.


Sarah Register
Twitter: @starsinmargins
Contributing Writer
Favorite word is pachycephalosaurus. Rumored to be an actual pachycephalosaurus

Jason Urbanciz
Twitter: @jason1749
Contributing Writer
A self-described fugitive space bigfoot that hails from the planet Illinois. He is the worst.

Madie Coe
Twitter: @leilahmoon & @madeline_coe
Contributing Writer
Graduated from Susquehanna University 2012 with BA Creative Writing. Loves poetry,  Haruki Murakami, rooibos tea, kickboxing, yoga, and is an accomplished bellydancer. Movie preferences tend towards the bloodiest pulp fiction and sci-fi. Ridiculous.

Mike Duquette
Twitter: @MikeDuquette
Contributing Writer
A slice of Heaven from ’87. Claims to fame: founding music catalog site The Second Disc, producing best-selling Ghostbusters single for Record Store Day, an obnoxious but infectious laugh.

Caitlin Goldblatt
Contributing Writer
Caitlin’s a really good kisser, hates whiners, and is a boxing, bourbon, and BBQ enthusiast with an interest in films best categorized by making you glad they’re just movies. Her days are bookended by weightlifting in the mornings and playing Magic: The Gathering in the evenings, and she doesn’t think there’s a contradiction there.

Kyle Herr
Twitter: @ThatCarlGuy
Contributing Writer
He graduated from Susquehanna University in 2012 with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in Film Studies. His life goal is to become a cyborg and play a lot of video games in the process.

Adam Pelta-Pauls
Contributing Writer
Jobbing actor, comics nerd, giant robot enthusiast. Currently living in Wales (a country), not Whales (multiple large aquatic mammals).

Steph Salo
Contributing Writer
Soap and cosmetics aficionado. Likes comparing things to other things. Junior MILF in training.

Patrick Stinson
Twitter: @pstinson42
Contributing Writer
Former aspiring scientist, current aspiring high school teacher, contagious nerd and lifelong compulsive nitpicker. Has no known weaknesses and is super-unvincible.

haleyHaley Winters 
Contributing Writer
Writer, comedian, egotist. Prefers television over movies, vegetables over fruits, and Colin over Tom Hanks.

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  1. Hey,

    how’s it going? I recently wrote an editorial about being on a DIY tour with my friends Raindeer, I was wondering if there’s a submission email I could send it to and if it’s even something you may be interested in running.


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