Join Us for Deadshirt Date Night: The 86th Academy Awards


This Sunday we’ll be hosting another Deadshirt Date Night, and this time we’ll be watching the 86th Academy Awards, the latest in a long tradition of schadenfreude spectacle smorgasbords. Twitter was practically invented to enhance televised award shows,so tag along with the #DeadshirtGang and fire up the most exciting second screen experience this side of pretending to text a friend to avoid an awkward social encounter in public.

Will J. Law win another statuette? Will David O. Russell thank Martin Scorsese for borrowing his entire oeuvre for American Hustle? WILL LEO FINALLY WIN AN OSCAR OR WILL TUMBLR CONTINUE TO GENERATE SAD .GIFSETS? Find the answers to these questions and more in the company of your new best internet friends!

How it works:

  • First, follow @DeadshirtDotNet on Twitter!
  • Then, at exactly 8:00pm ET (7:00pm for extra credit red carpet coverage) on Sunday, March 2nd, tune into ABC or stream the show from Watch ABC.
  • For the next three hours, join members of the Deadshirt staff – including Dominic Griffin (@captain_fuck) Max Robinson (@DieRobinsonDie), Haley Winters (@winterzzzzzzz) and more – in commenting on the awards show, cracking jokes, trading stories and trivia, and just generally having a good time.
  • Use the hashtag #DeadshirtDN (that’s short for Date Night) and we’ll retweet our favorite comments on the @DeadshirtDotNet account for all to see!
  • Make new friends, have some laughs.

Come follow us, drop us a line and let us know you’re coming!


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Deadshirt staff writer. Dominic's loves include movies with Michael Caine, comics about people getting kicked in the face, Wham!'s greatest hits, and the amateur use of sleight of hand magic to grift strangers at train stations. His one true goal in life is to EGOT.