Preview: Dark Horse Comics’ Vandroid #2 Robot Rocks

The second issue of Dark Horse’s Vandroid from the creative team of writers Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith and artist Dan McDaid kicks down comic shop doors this Wednesday and offers babes, bullets, and bikers galore as sinister corporate interests conspire against The Machine That Would Be Chuck Carducci. Check out the preview pages included below! From the official solicitation:

Vandroid ramps up in this no-holds-barred second issue! The Van Man is off the chain, but when he runs afoul of his creator’s loose ends—including his estranged wife and an old criminal acquaintance—he finds out that being human is more complicated than his programming indicated! • Complete the Vandroid experience with the remastered soundtrack from Ed Banger Records and the unearthed 1984 movie trailer at!

Vandroid.02.cover VANDROID.02.01.color VANDROID.02.02.color VANDROID.02.04.color VANDROID.02.05.color VANDROID.02.05B.color VD.02supp.02 Vandroid #2 is on sale Wednesday, March 26th in print and on Dark Horse Digital.

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