BB-8’s BB-Favor8s: Ingmar Bergman, Marbles, and March Madness! [April Fool’s]

As a way to welcome our new official brand mascot BB-8, the Deadshirt team has communed with The Force and, through meditation, were able to glean what our heroic metal friend’s favorite movie, television show, and video game might very well be, plus a little extra surprise for you sports fans. Raise your whistles and sound your beeps in praise of the great BB-8!

BB-8’s Favorite Movie!


The Virgin Spring (1960)

While BB-8’s predecessors R2-D2 and C-3PO are well-known for their love of Akira Kurosawa, our little droid favors the films of existentialist auteur Ingmar Bergman. The Virgin Spring stars Max Von Sydow as a pious man who turns to violence after the men who murdered his daughter come to his home seeking refuge. Though its influence can felt in more contemporary films such as the grim splatterfest The Last House on The Left or the father-seeking-revenge thriller Taken (starring a man with a slight resemblance to an obscure Jedi Master named Qui-Gon Jinn—no, don’t look him up), none can match The Virgin Spring’s painful artistry. Filmed in stark black-and-white, The Virgin Spring is a devastating portrait of life and death, faith and insanity, and what happens when a good man is lured to the dark side. But when I asked BB-8 if Max Von Sydow’s performance as a man trapped in an internal battle between darkness and light had any deeper personal significance to the rotund little droid (“Look, just give me some goddamn spoilers,” may have been the actual words used), BB-8 simply emitted a series of clicks and whistles and spun away into the dreary mists of time.

– Kayleigh Hearn

BB-8’s Favorite TV Show!

Better Call Saul


Given the mischievous glint in his mono-eye, it’s not a surprise that BB-8’s favorite television character is likely future Saul Goodman Jimmy McGill. The Force Awakens droid likely sees itself in Bob Odenkirk’s irascible lead and his penchant for rolling head first into trouble. I also feel that BB-8 would praise the tight, deceptively effortless photography that makes each episode of Better Call Saul a visual treat. And I don’t think I’m whistling dixie by saying that the new Star Wars orb bot would appreciate Jonathan Banks’ return to the role of Mike Ehrmantraut, both for his gutwrenching turn in the episode “Five-O” and for his smooth, marble-like head. BB-8 also likes The Walking Dead but feels that zombie fiction, although a unique outlet for our own subconscious anxieties, is becoming overcrowded and stale.

– Max Robinson

BB-8’s Favorite Video Game!


Marble Madness

A long time ago in a arcade far, far away, there was only one game in town for spherical droids.

There’s only one logical choice for BB-8’s favorite video game, and that’s arcade classic Marble Madness. BB has spent his entire droid life rolling from place to place across the galaxy, navigating treacherous terrain, and as such the titular marble is something of an everyman for our droid friend. An acute understanding of physics gives BB an edge, but even he finds the latter levels difficult but rewarding. The control scheme must be second nature to BB—who needs to use a track ball when you ARE the track ball?

– David Lebovitz

BB-8’s Pick for NCAA 2015 College Basketball Champion!


Michigan State

This year has been especially competitive in college basketball, coming down to a fierce Final Four. But what team would a round little droid from a galaxy that presumably does not have basketball pick for the title? The answer, of course, is Michigan State. Like the Rebel forces, Michigan State is a scrappy team that always seems to come through, due in large part to solid leadership (Mon Mothma and Tom Izzo, respectively). They’ve had a solid if embattled run so far, and can definitely pull it off. Duke is obviously the Empire in this metaphor. I don’t know if it’s a carbonite-cold lock, but I’m definitely going to trust that little droid’s judgement.

– Joe Stando

That’s all for this edition of BB-8’s Favor8s! Check back next week for our staff’s educated guesses about BB-8’s favorite chillwave album, webcomic, and modern philosopher!

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