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What’s left to say about Batman? He’s one of the most celebrated, and most studied characters in popular fiction, conquering every form of mass media from long-running comic books to blockbuster movies to award-winning video games. There are papers, textbooks, entire websites dedicated to Batman – Batman the character, Batman the franchise, Batman the symbol.

Maybe to get some fresh perspective on a character like Batman, whose dimensions are almost overwhelmingly vast, we have to step back and take a look at the negative space. Specifically, the friends and foes, enemies and allies of the Dark Knight Detective.

With that in mind, is proud to present A Long Halloween, a month-long series of creative and critical essays celebrating Batman’s friends and foes, each accompanied by an all new, original art piece. To make this happen, we’ve put together a small army of guest-contributors, writers and artists, to assist our regular site roster.

The longevity of the Batman mythology doesn’t rest on the crusader’s caped shoulders alone. The ever-expanding cast of supporting characters, and of course, Batman’s famous rogues gallery, all help to provide fresh insights into one of popular fiction’s most enduring leading men. A Long Halloween seeks to explore how these sidekicks, love interests, mentors and mortal enemies each contribute to the greater whole that is Batman.

Some of our essays are straightforward character studies; others colorfully explore Batman’s cast through more abstract methods. The goal of this month’s spotlight is to present each character in a way that best demonstrates what they bring to Batman and his world.

Through A Long Halloween, we hope that you might come away with a fresh perspective on those men and women, ghouls and gods, that tread the asphalt and back alleys of Gotham City. At the very least, we hope you’re entertained.

Settle in, folks…it’s going to be a long one.

10/1: Joe Chill by Max Robinson and Chris “Chance” Brown
10/3: Thomas Wayne by Dominic Griffin and Jen Overstreet
10/7: Damian Wayne by Dylan Roth and Dan Reifler
10/9: Bane by Kyle Herr and Kyle Starks
10/11: Darkseid by Max Robinson and Matt Digges
10/14: Mr. Freeze by Cameron DeOrdio and Tracie Mauk
10/17: Harley Quinn by David Lebovitz with Dylan Roth and JoJo Seames
10/21: Catwoman by Christina Harrington and Jen Overstreet
10/23: Jason Todd by Max Robinson and Ramon Villalobos
10/25: Kate Kane by Dylan Roth and Josh Howell
10/28: Harvey Dent/Two-Face by Max Robinson and Nick DiFabbio
10/29: The Riddler by Kyle Herr and JoJo Seames
10/30: Ra’s Al Ghul by Dominic Griffin and Joe Hunter
10/31: Dick Grayson by Dominic Griffin and Sandy Jarrell
10/31: The Joker by Mike Pfeiffer and Dan McDaid
10/31: Terry McGinnis by Dylan Roth and Jordan Witt
BONUS: 11/1: Superman by Chris Haley

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