RUMOR: Jon Hamm in Superman/Batman? [April Fools]

On April 1st, 2014, became Pants Alive, our mirror universe counterpart, publishing unfounded rumors, lazy listicles and fierce negativity.

We scooped a big one this time, guys! This is a PANTSALIVE EXCLUSIVE!

According to several sources from inside the industry, Jon Hamm may or may not have been cast in the upcoming Superman/Batman film! His alleged role has yet to be announced, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been speculation from industry outsiders!

I mean, c’mon, how cool will this be if it’s true? It’s Jon Hamm! JON HAMM! DON FUCKING DRAPER! A perfect human being who can play just about anything. He’s a perfect fit for the film, and just the kind of star power this film DESPERATELY needs.There’s so many different parts he could play, too!

It’s possible they might want to bring more heroes into this. We already know they are adding Wonder Woman and might add the Flash. Wouldn’t Jon Hamm make a cool Aquaman? He certainly exudes power and charisma -both important traits for the King of Atlantis. Never mind the fact that Hamm hasn’t ever done an action movie in his life! HE’S PERFECT FOR THE ROLE!


Leaked concept art from Superman/Batman.

Maybe he’s been brought into to replace Ben Affleck as Batman. He absolutely has the chin for it. We haven’t heard a peep from Ben Affleck or the studio for some time. What if it’s because they’re replacing him? We KNOW he can’t play a hero, because he played one in a film ten years ago people didn’t like!

Probably concept art for Batman/Superman.

Set photo from Superman/Batman.

Besides, it’s all about the chin for Batman. Jon Hamm has a much better chin than Batfleck.

For more information on our sources, click here!

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